Dr Rafael Lugo is the woodlands surgeon of choice for many top dermatologists for t eh ore complex to refer their patients to


Skin, Lumps, bumps, and cancer

The skin is the largest organ in the body. Hence we have many opportunities for issues to arise. Not to mention that our skin is constantly exposed to the attacks and harsh conditions of the environment that surrounds us. For that and many other reasons everyone at some point our another will have an issue that requires medical attention.

At Lugo Surgical we have the ability and knowledge to treat and heal any type of condition from benign moles, scrapes, cuts and burns to warts, melanomas, and any type of cancer.

We even treat the deep conditions located in the subcutaneous layer like cysts and lipomas (benign fatty tumors). As you might imagine the treatment must be tailored and customized to the condition and the locations, so it is imperative that we examined and evaluate each case in person. Some procedures can be done in the office, but other more extensive of larger procedures are done under sedation at the hospital or surgical center.

We go beyond the skin.  On occasions, like melanoma, we must do more than just remove the lesion. We can manage the lymph node dissections and sentinel node biopsies that are standard of care in these skin malignancies.  

Please give us a call or book an appointment and we will take care of whatever it is that is fetching your skin in any part of your body.