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Upper GI Procedures

  • Pilonidal Sinus

    Pilonidal sinus

    The word pilonidal means a nest of hairs and a sinus tract is an abnormal narrow...

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  • Colitis


    Colitis is a digestive condition characterized by the inflammation of the inner lining...

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  • Colorectal Cancer

    Colorectal Cancer

    Cancer is the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells.

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  • Rectal Prolapse

    Rectal Prolapse

    Rectal prolapse is a condition in which the lowest part of the large...

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  • Colon and Rectum Polyps

    Colon and Rectum Polyps

    Polyps are abnormal growths at the inner lining of any region of the colon or rectum.

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  • Colorectal Diseases

    Colorectal Diseases

    Colorectal diseases refer to several conditions of the colon and rectum that can...

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  • Diverticulitis


    Diverticulitis is a condition characterized by the inflammation or infection of one or more diverticulum.

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