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By Rafael Lugo

Here are a few tips to follow just before surgery

#1 Dont smoke and if you do stop at least two weeks before - During surgery your anesthesiologist will be doing the breathing with you using a ventilator. Smoking decreases the exchange of oxygen in the lungs and makes it harder to ventilate you. Nicotine is also a vasoconstrictor and this could impact wound healing and general recovery overall deceasing blood flow to area of the body that need it the most

#2 Shower -Take a good shower the night before, but refrain from shaving the area to be operated on. Let the shaving happen the moment before the cut is made. Showering will help decrease bacteria in the skin, but shaving makes the bacteria more prominent and can actually increase ...

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By Rafael Lugo


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FOODS- The element that fuels all!

We are made of billions of cells. These cells are extremely complex and intricate machines and each one will behave as its own organism. They are nourished by a fluid that is composed of nutrients, or whatever it is that you ingest or introduce in your body.

Inside each cell is the Nucleus, or central part, that contains the main source of life called DNA. This DNA is all contained in the organelles know as Chromosomes and here is where the genes are stored or located.

Genes will express through switches and pathways that will turn on and off depending on the messages that cells receive internally and externally. There are many different ways a gene is turned on or off. One very important influence is through the chemicals and nutrients that we ingest.

What we eat, will in many ways influence gene expression in a positive or a negative way. there is a lot we do not know, but there is a lot that has been learned through observation and also experimental data obtained through research.

Drug companies have learned to manipulate gene expression and pathways that favor a certain result or another. Food can create similar changes, but not as targeted.

So, yes we are what we eat. In many ways your gene expression will determine how you look and feel. It can even lead to a cancer if uncontrolled stimulation occurs, or if suppressor genes are not activated.

So what is it that we know about food and how can we eat the best food we can to get the best results that our genetic makeup can give us.

This is a complex matter and in the near future, we will be able to determine the best foods as an individual. What is good for you, may not be so good for me and vice a versa. Eventually, we will be able to do a genetic test that will allow you to understand how to loose weight , prevent diabetes, prevent and control cardiovascular disease and even improve your overall condition.

So what about now. what is there, that we can do and which diet can be followed to try and get the best results our genes can give us. After all, we cant change our genetic make up yet, but we can wake dormant genes and promote good gene activation while suppression others that could be counterproductive.

The picture above is a give away of where I am going with this and you may not be surprised. Studies done over and over have pointed to a combination that most resembles the so called mediterranean diet. Oils, Nuts, fish and legumes/vegetables. Yes no sugar and limiting carbs to only complex carbs.

A very strong message given by the healthcare industry is to avoid processed foods. Foods that are altered by man and made into something that does not occur naturally, usually is bad for our bodies. Either, our bodies have no idea what to do with it, or the chemicals to make it last or look better, or taste better, affects how are genes react to it.

Usually, anything canned, or boxed or that has many ingredients, is best to avoid or limit its consumption. This is repeated over an over, I know that, but it is true. There are some food that are classified as carcinogens. But why are we still serving them. Well usually is money. Powerful companies behind them, that can manipulate our system and politicians as you might have seems in some well known documentaries. That is a different topic. Lets focus on how to eat well.

Not included in this picture is water and water is so important that I can not leave it out. We need almost a liter a day just to eliminate toxins. Our body is composed over 60 percent of water. When we drink less water, we alter the elimination of toxins generated by the cell activities. This in turn will be in contact with the cells that in turn react and try to protect themselves from damage, by activating pathways and genes that may not result in good outcomes. Water is very important as a vehicle to deliver nutrients to cells and organs in general. Soft drinks, coffee or teas do have water in smaller amounts. They can be counted as sources of water, but we must drink pure water to at least have enough to eliminate toxins and allow all body processes to occur.

What about organic food, or not. Well, yes, you want to make sure that your food is not altered by man or pesticides or chemicals that make it grow faster or prettier. This is the same issue that processed food brings. We are the result of many centuries of evolution, but the basic genes are still within you. A genetic test can be tracked to your ancestors in the beginning of the world. We are complex machines, but we have a code that defines all the different processes and the way we react to foods is just another example of that.

How to start then, living a healthier life and eating better. Where do you begin improving your healthy lifestyle changes. Pay attention to the foods you eat. Dont just drive to a fast-food chain and buy whatever tastes good and then eat it. Take the time to keep your complex machine (your body) working at its best. You would not give your car bad gasoline or oil. Your body should not be any different. IT is not only to try an live longer, but to try and live a better quality of life. This recipe is not a guarantee to live longer, but to live a better quality life and to try and prevent things like cancer and other ailments of the modern society like obesity. Medicine can only take you so far. Your body can repair much of the damage on its own if you provide the tools and the environment for it.

Start today and focus on the legumes, salads, fruits, white meats, fish nuts and oils. Look for good quality foods and do not settle for less. Eat in moderation. How much is too much. You should never feels stuffed, but just satisfied. Do eat small frequent meals rather than few large meals. It helps keep the insulin and gauchos levels steady.

What about sugars and carbs. As I said, try to eliminate most if not all. If you must eat carbs, then focus on eating the complex carbohydrates. Sugar, is not necesary to live. A small amount would not hurt you on occasion.

Will adress probiotics in my next article. If you have questions just ask.


HERE is another benefit FIND OUT

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I want to introduce you to the new tool to fight reflux and all the associated issues and possible complications associated with it. GERD as know in short for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Most commonly known as heartburn.

Hearburn is the most common associated symptoms, but GERD can present itself in many forms. The most damaging and with dire consequences is cancer of he esophagus.

In the USA the fastest growing cancer is esophageal cancer. It is felt the there is a need to educate the public and ind means to control reflux and not just treat its symptoms. Currently the medications available only control the symptoms and not the cause. The case of reflux is a mechanical problem that is complicated. Sometimes there is a hiatal hernia tha makes the condition even more severe and complex.

For years many procedures and solutions have come and gone and some have proven to be long lasting and very appealing. The current medical therapies, although effective for some, is definitely a patch and does not stop the progression to cancer nor the esophageal damage.

In the quest for better ways to solve this problem many companies have tried devices and procedures. For years the one gold standard procedure has been the Nissen Fundoplication. This is still now a days a very good solution for a difficult and progressive problem.

With this in mind, and in an attempt to ameliorate the risk and complications associated with the existing procedures, Thorax medical has created the device you see in the picture above. Not only elegant looking, but engineered to solve the problem at hand.

This device is turning out to be a very appealing solution for Relfux that is taking over the place of the Nissen Fundoplication in patients that qualify for it. It is the Linx device.

As always I like o offer my patients the best technologies and the latest advances, so I have taken the necessary courses and training and I am proud to announce that we are ready to help people with chronic reflux and tart fixing a problem that has been very hard to control for many decades. I am certified to sort placing the device in patients.

Reflux has a lot of ways to present itself and heartburn is only one of them. If you have any of the symptoms or signs below, you should be evaluated and tested with objective measures to assure that you do not have reflux.

  • adult onset asthma
  • poor dentition
  • bad breath
  • sour taste
  • chronic cough
  • sleep apnea
  • hoarseness
  • frequent sore throats
  • difficulty or pain when swallowing
  • allergies or sinus issues
  • regurgitation of food

Call us or visit us if you have ay of these. At a minimum, you should rule out GERD as the cause. Do not ignore it or self medicate. Once we diagnose it and determine the level, we can advice plan, wither medical or procedural. We have. solution.


Today we can find several over the counter remedies to the symptom we call heartburn.

Although it may sound harmless, heartburn could be a sign of a more serious problem and lead to even cancer if left untreated.

There is a medical group finally urging the FDA to force the drug companies to put a label warning of the possibility of developing cancer in the esophagus if reflux is not treated.

I know that we are in the era of DIY, but your health is a precious thing and symptoms should not be ignored or treated with over the counter remedies. Get checked and make sure that it is not something that needs correction. Heartburn that persists or that requires the frequent use of medications is not something to be ignored. The medications out there only treat the symptoms and not the cause. Reflux occurs due to a mechanical defect in the mechanism that prevents acid from the stomach backing up into the esophagus. Medications only lower the acidity, but the reflux continues and the damage also continues and could lead to cancer in the long term.

If you have heartburn, see your doctor. Get evaluated. There is a cure for it and you do not have to live with it.

We can help If you have questions email us, or come see us. We are happy to help.

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