Woodlands Skin Surgeon

Woodlands Skin Surgeon Professionals Work at Lugo Surgical Group.

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your entire body? It's true! Yet despite that fact, we treat our skin terribly around the world. Most people don't protect themselves when they go outside, despite the fact that sunburn can set in at an alarmingly fast rate. If you end up needing the assistance of the top Woodland skin surgeon, you'll want to call on the Lugo Surgical Group. In order to understand what they can do for you, let's explore what a Woodlands Skin Surgeon actually does.


A skin surgeon will be able to identify and treat potential problems located on or inside of your skin. From benign moles to malignant melanoma, the Lugo Surgical Group will be able to perform the surgical operation that you need. Typically, you'll experience most skin surgeries under light sedation, but some larger procedures have to be performed at surgical centers like the Lugo Surgical Group.

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