Woodlands Hernia Surgeon

Where is The Top Woodlands Hernia Surgeon Located?

Have you ever had a hernia? If so, you know how painful they can be. While some hernias won't have you doubled over in pain, they never get better on their own. If you are tired of dealing with the pain caused by your hernia, you are going to need to call on the best Woodlands hernia surgeon around. For that purpose, I would turn to Dr. Lugo of the Lugo Surgical Group in The Woodlands, TX.


The Lugo Surgical Group is a surgical clinic that can help with a wide variety of different surgeries. One of their most commonly sought after surgeries is for repairing a hernia. A hernia is typically described as a defect or opening that appears within your abdominal wall. These openings can be genetic, or they can be caused by stress. In either situation, the Lugo Surgical Group can put you on the path to recovery.