Woodlands General Surgeon

Hiring the Best Woodlands General Surgeon Is Easy as Ever!

When it comes time to take care of your health, you can't afford to fool around. If you are looking at a potential surgery in your future, you are going to need the assistance of the best Woodlands general surgeon that is around. In The Woodlands, TX, many people are opting to go to Lugo Surgical Group for all of their general surgery needs.


The Lugo Surgical Group is a full-service surgical practice that focuses on their patients' health and happiness above all. Led by the esteemed Dr. Lugo, the Lugo Surgical Group has a number of the top Woodlands general surgeon workers in the entire industry. Whether you are looking for a consultation or a potential major surgery, you'll want to make sure that you consult with Dr. Lugo and his team. Take the scariness out of surgery while Dr. Lugo explains every step of the process to you.