Vascular Access Surgeon

What Can You Expect From a Vascular Access Surgeon?

For some patients, maintaining intravenous access at all times can be a necessary step. If you've ever had an IV inserted into your arm, you'll know how uncomfortable it can occasionally be. For people who need long term IV access, hiring a vascular access surgeon like Dr. Lugo at Lugo Surgical Group can make a ton of sense.


A vascular access surgeon will typically be hired in order to allow constant access to a person's blood by way of a medical professional. Typically, this surgery is performed on individuals who will be taking antibiotics for a prolonged period of time. You'll also see a vascular access surgeon hired to perform surgery on people who will be beginning Hemodialysis or even chemotherapy. As you can clearly tell, this is an important procedure with real implications for the future treatment of the patient in question. Consult with your doctor about having your vascular access surgery performed by the Lugo Surgical Group. You'll want to know that your surgery is in the hands of the best in the industry.