Thyroid Surgeon

Lugo Surgical Group Has the Top Thyroid Surgeon in the State.

Your thyroid gland is an incredibly hard working part of your body. Located at the front of your neck, right below your Adam's apple, you'll find the butterfly-shaped thyroid. Your thyroid has two lobes on either side of your windpipe. If your thyroid is healthy, these lobes should not be visible. If there is something wrong, a thyroid surgeon will be able to take one look at them in order to figure that out.


In order to make sure that your thyroid doesn't require invasive surgery, you'll need to go through several examinations. Once that is done, your medical professional will decide if thyroid surgery is right for you. Thyroid surgery is typically performed by a general surgeon. Typically, thyroid growths are going to be benign, but a qualified thyroid surgeon may still have them removed in order to analyze them. If you want to discuss having your thyroid examined, you can turn your attention to the Lugo Surgical Group in The Woodlands, TX.