Robotic Surgeon Near Me

Why Should I look For A Robotic Surgeon Near Me?

Medical advancements can blow my mind on an almost daily basis. It feels hard to believe that we are only so many years removed from using whiskey as a sedative and an ax as a surgical tool. Nowadays, having surgery performed is an almost luxurious experience. You go into your medical office where your a medical genius will treat your ailments. Nowadays, you'll even find robotic surgeons working in offices all over the country.


If I wanted to find the most reliable robotic surgeon near me, I would start by heading to the Lugo Surgical Group. At the Lugo Surgical Group, Dr. Lugo is trained as a robotic surgeon. A robotic surgeon isn't some sort of mechanical butler. Instead, a robotic surgeon is someone who uses a robot, attached to a computer, in order to assist in their surgery. Robotic surgeons are faster, safer, and less painful than other surgical options.

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