Reflux Surgeon

How Can a Reflux Surgeon Help My Acid Reflux?

In the grand scheme of things, dealing with reflux doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world. While there is truth to that sentiment, reflux can become a destructive force in your life. In fact, reflux can lead to serious problems like cancer if you leave the issue alone. In order to fix your reflux forever, you'll need the best reflux surgeon around. Fortunately, at the Lugo Surgical Group in The Woodlands, TX, you'll be able to find the help that you need.


Many medical professionals seek to treat reflux by way of PPI's or over-the-counter antacids. While these solutions will work for the majority of people, they don't work for everyone. In fact, you might end up wanting to consult a reflux surgeon in order to explore antireflux surgery. Nissen Fundoplication is the most popular procedure used to treat reflux. Every patient that tries the surgery will see improvement.