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How Did I Pick the Right Reflex Surgeon Near Me?

Finding out that you have reflux can be a blessing and a burden. On one hand, reflux isn't something that is going to cause you to keel over. On the other hand, untreated reflux could turn into a serious problem if left untreated. In order to make sure that my reflux didn't become a problem, I hired the best reflex surgeon near me. For that, I had to go to the Lugo Surgical Group.


Reflux can be a complicated problem that requires several consultations to figure out. For some people, they'll need nothing more than antacids or proton pump inhibitors in order to treat their symptoms. For other people, like me, they will need to find a reflux surgeon. The best reflex surgeon near me, Dr. Lugo, is able to perform several forms of antireflux procedures in order to get me back to feeling like myself again. In order to find out which procedure is right for you, don't hesitate to sign up for a consultation.