Updated: Feb 1, 2020

This is a very common condition that has been. misunderstood and misdiagnosed in many instances.

Reflux can appear in the form of heartburn, but that is the easy quick diagnosis.

Many people have an occult type of reflux, or disguised as adult onset asthma, bad breath, chronic allergies, sore throats and chronic cough.

These are some of the more common signs and symptoms that indicate the possible diagnosis of reflux.

The biggest problem now a days is that people can easily go to the store and buy an antacid and treat their symptoms. The medications available are very powerful and would definitely improve the symptoms, but the problem os that the reflux continues, just in a lower level. The damage to the esophagus does not stop and can lead to cancer or a series of complications,

The First step in diagnosing this condition would be an upper endoscopy. This can be coupled with a very good test called the Bravo probe. This is a probe that measures acid exposure to the lower esophagus and gives the doctors an objective measure of the level of reflux occurring to be able to personalized the right treatment option.

I encourage people to come and let us determine the correct options and actually accurately diagnose the condition and level of severity in order to treat it effectively.

Yes we are a surgeons office, but we offer all modalities and not just surgery automatically. Most reflux is treated without surgery, but surgical intervention can be a very important option and it actually is very effective and options continue to emerge.

We invite you to send us your questions and establish a dialogue in our forum or privately so that we can help you determine what your condition might be,

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