Laparoscopic Surgeon

What Does a Laparoscopic Surgeon Actually Do?

When you first heard your doctor mention that you would need laparoscopic surgery performed, you probably had the same expression that most people had. Probably, you were left muttering a resounding, "Huh?". While laparoscopic surgery is an incredibly important medical procedure, it isn't as widely discussed as other procedures. Today, we are going to discuss what exactly a laparoscopic surgeon can do for you.


Laparoscopy is a procedure that is used to look inside of your abdomen. Considered a low-risk and minimally invasive surgery, your laparoscopic surgeon will be able to get all sorts of important information regarding your health. The typical laparoscopic surgery involves tiny incisions placed along your abdomen. After those incisions are put in place, your laparoscopic surgeon will insert a tiny laparoscope in order to take high definition pictures of potentially problematic areas. Your doctor might even take a sample for further testing!


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