Hernia Surgeon

When You Want A Professional Hernia Surgeon, Call Dr. Lugo.

Hernias can manifest seemingly out of nowhere, leaving you doubled over in pain that you don't quite understand. Typically, hernias can be derived from genetic predisposition or stress-related trauma. Have you ever cheered so loud that your throat hurt? Well, consider what would happen if you cheered even louder. A hernia is an abnormal defect that is typically found in your abdominal wall. When a hernia is located, you will need to consult a hernia surgeon in order to have the issue addressed.


There are several different hernia types that your medical professional will examine. From ventral and inguinal to incisional and umbilical, your hernia surgeon will be able to discuss the differences, including potential surgery for treatment. Hernia surgery at the Lugo Surgical Group in The Woodlands, TX, is one of the backbones of their medical offices. If you want your hernia surgery in good hands, let Dr. Lugo take over.