Hernia Surgeon Near Me

Can a Hernia Surgeon Near Me Really Help My Problem?

After finding out that I had a hernia, my mind began to race. Initially, my only thought was to find a Hernia surgeon near me. After thinking about the concept further, I knew that I had to make a careful selection. A hernia is typically not considered massively serious, but that doesn't mean that I'd want just ANYONE working on me. In order to hire the top hernia surgeon near me, I had to go to the Lugo Surgical Group. It was there that I learned everything about my hernia and the surgery that was to come.


Now, a hernia sounds scarier than it might functionally be. When a hernia occurs, an organ or part of your fatty tissue will push through a weak spot in your tissue or muscles. There are a variety of potential hernias and surgical solutions to them that Dr. Lugo's office is capable of addressing in detail. Knowledge is the enemy of fear and professional surgeons are the fixers of hernias!