General Surgeon Near Me

Lugo Surgical Group is the Ideal General Surgeon Near Me.

When I was told that I might need to have surgery performed, my mind instantly started racing. As someone who is proactive about their health, I always like to have input on where I go for my medical procedures. When I found out that I needed to find a general surgeon near me, I instantly started researching. In order to find the best general surgeon near me, I focused on the following concepts.


First and foremost, I wanted a general surgeon that was decorated in their field of work. Someone like Dr. Lugo at the Lugo Surgical Group would be an ideal candidate due to their extensive history of quality work. Second, I wanted someone who would talk me through every step of the process. If you are like me, you don't like being a passenger on the medical ferris wheel. No matter what general surgeon near me I chose, I would want to make as informed of a decision as possible.