As the title suggests. We preform surgery in all areas of the body covered by skin. Coditions that require surgical intervention could be infectious in nature or a growth or tumor. Growths can be benign or malignant. Meaning that they can be non cancerous or cancerous.
We can handle pretty much any condition that involves the skin and at times we manage it without an operation.
Some of these are sebaceous cysts, skin abscesses, warts, lipomas and other benign skin growths.
Skin cancers can be melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.
When we treat melanoma at times we need to perform lymph node dissection to complete the operation and we also handle that part.

1. Bleeding - This is a risk of any operation and when it happens we have toold to handle it and control it.2. Infection - Any time the skin barrier is violated, infection is a possibility. We gie antibiotics to prevent this if infdicated and also perform procedures with the stringest sterile conditions.
3. Recurrence of tumors - This is always a risk involved with any cancer operation. To minimize this we assure that there is a margin of normal tissue when malignancy is removed.
4. Scarring - This is of course a concern. IF we determine that the amount of tissue removed will leave an unsightly scar, we get plastic surgeons involved as part of the team to assure that result are good.

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