Nutrition and lifestyle habits are very important to the entire picture of health. We are living in a world that people are used to solve all problems with pills and medications.
Sometimes is because of laziness and others is due to poor direction and guidance.
Dr Lugo tries to help reverse that, and he enjoys helping his patients get into healthier lifestyles and habits.
Dr Lugo understands that it is not easy and it is hard to discern what is real and what is not. We are bombarded with information about "health benefits" of products, diets and other man made devices.
Our goal is to recommend and help establish behaviors or changes that are lasting and that truly work.
Through one or one or group workshops, Dr Lugo starts with the basics and walks the individual through and personal path of improvement.
It is a process and Dr. Lugo wants to be by your side until you have learned and establish the tools and behaviors that will give you the most benefit.
Dr Lugo also uses his medical expertise to direct the person to the right path taking into consideration their current medical history and conditions. Not everyone is fit enough to start exercising, or to eat a specific food.
Dr Lugo will look at all aspects and make a plan that will be easy to follow and personalized. Each person is different and has her/his own personal needs. Let us make your life a better one. So what are you waiting for!! MAKE AN APPOITNMENT

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