Hemorrhoids are a very common problem. They are dilated veins in the perianal area. As they dilated and stretch the tissue around them the skin in the anal area hangs and protrudes.
Hemorrhoids can be inherited, or acquired. Acquired hemorrhoids are usually the result of chronic constipation and straining. They are very common after pregnancy also.
Hemorrhoids can be the result of poor bowel habits like sitting on the toilet and reading for prolonged periods of time.
There are internal and external hemorrhoids. Associated to hemorrhoids there are also anal skin tags or stretched out skin.
Hemorrhoids can be asymptomatic or cause a broad range of symptoms. some of these could be itching, bleeding, anal leakage, pain, feeling of fullness and difficulty cleaning the area.
Hemorrhoid treatment can be as simple of using antihemorrhoidal creams, eating more fiber and drinking more water to treat the constipation. There is a brad range of treatments available from hemorrhoid banding, infrared coagulation, hemorrhoid ligation, and stapling to the classic surgical hemorrhoidectomy.
‚ÄčEach and every patient deserves a personalize treatment plan which could be a combination of the above treatments.
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